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Georgia Tech   Optics Laboratory

2015 Pi-Mile 5k Road Race

2015 Pi-mile Run

2014 Pi-Mile 5k Road Race

2014 Pi-mile Run

2013 Pi-Mile 5k Road Race

2013 Pi-mile Run

2012 Pi-Mile 5k Road Race

2012 Pi-mile Run

2011 Pi-Mile 5k Road Race

2011 Pi-mile Run

(L-to-R) Laura Hutsel, Mike Hutsel, George Riley, Kris Nagel, Tom Gaylord, Matthieu Leibovici, Matt Burrow, Chein-I Lin, Shu-hao Fan

2008 Pi-Mile 5k Road Race

2008 Pi-mile Run

(L-to-R) Mike Hutsel, Fernie Goh, Jenna Schmidt, Gina Cremona, Justin Stay, Tom Gaylord

2007 Georgia Tech Halloween 5k Road Race

2007 Halloween Run

(L-to-R) Christine Dunphy, Tom Gaylord, Reeve Ingle

2007 Pi-Mile 5k Road Race

2007 Pi-mile Run

(L-to-R) Richard Powers, Tom Gaylord, Mike Hutsel, Jenna Schmidt, Gina Cremona, Justin Stay

2007 Basketball Exhibition

2007 Basketball Exhibition

Top: (L-to-R) Jon Maikisch, Y.J. Chang, Tom Gaylord, Mike Hutsel
Bottom: (L-to-R) Chien-I Lin, Jan Gaylord, Stephanie Box, Gina Cremona, Justin Stay

2005 Basketball Exhibition

2005 Basketball Exhibition

Top: Tom Gaylord
Middle: (L-to-R) Greg Book, Chia-Ying Chang, Y.J. Chang, Ming-Yung Lai
Bottom: (L-to-R) Femi Ogunsola, Ricardo Villalaz, Carole Montarou


Last revised on June 15, 2015