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Engineering meets Science

We are trained as engineers, but the scientist side of our group enjoys the process of using radio waves at low frequencies to understand the natural electricity of the Earth. We live on a wondrous planet, and enjoy travelling throughout the world to conduct our experiments.

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Lightning Emissions

Did you know that here in Atlanta we can easily observe lightning from almost anywhere on the planet? This is because lightning releases intense radio waves that propagate globally, reflecting from an upper atmospheric electrically charged layer known as the ionosphere.

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Navigation and Comms

Because low frequency waves travel globally, they have practical uses. Long before GPS existed, engineers used low frequency waves broadcast from radio stations to determine location anywhere on the planet. And various navies have been using low frequency waves to communicate with submarines across an entire ocean.

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Space Physics

Low frequency waves play an important role in space physics. There are bands of intense radiation (originally from the sun) that surround the Earth, which bombard and destroy satellite electronics. It turns out that low frequency waves may hold the key to understanding how these radiation belts form and evolve.

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