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Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech CPS and Embedded Systems Lab Projects

Markov Decision Processes for Optimization of Communications and Embedded Computing Systems

We developed new methodologies based on Markov decision processes for the optimziation of communication systems, including both resource utilization and thermal behavior.

Marilyn Wolf, Shuvra Bhattacharyya, Jacques Florence, and Adrian E. Sapio, “Power and thermal modeling for communication systems,” in Proceedings, SiPS 2016, IEEE, 2016.

Adrian Sapio, Marilyn Wolf, and Shuvra Bhattacharyya, “Compact modeling and management of reconfiguration in digital channelizer implementation,” in Proceedings, GlobalSIP 2016, IEEE, 2016.

Activity Analysis for Long-Term Care of People with Special Needs

We are developing new algorithms and systems for activity analysis. These systems are targeted to the improvement of long-term care of people with special needs.

Marilyn Wolf, Mihaela van der Schaar, Honggab Kim, and Jie Xu, “Caring analytics for adults with special needs,” IEEE Design & Test, 32(5), October 2015, pp. 35-44.

Christopher Coelho, Sethu Chidambaram, and Marilyn Wolf, “An IoT smart home system for activity analysis,” in Proceedings, RESNA 2016, 2016.

Ritwik Dutta and Marilyn Wolf, “An Extensible Software Infrastructure for Computer Aided Cus-tom Monitoring of Patients in Smart Homes,” International Conference on Systems and Software Engi-neering (ICSSE), Miami, USA, March 9-10, 2015, http://www.waset.org/Publications/?path=Publications&p=99.

IoT and CPS Architecture and Methodology

Two recent papers analyzed the implications of ultra low power requirements on IoT system architectures.

Marilyn Wolf, “Ultralow power and the new era of not-so-VLSI,” IEEE Design & Test, 33(4).

Marilyn Wolf, “The physics of event-driven IoT systems,” IEEE Design & Test, DTPS-2016-11-0146.

We developed new approaches to modeling of cyber-physical systems.

M. U. Tariq, J. Florence, M. Wolf, “Design Specification of Cyber-Physical Systems: Towards a Domain-Specific Modeling Language based on Simulink, Eclipse Modeling Framework, and Giotto,” In-ternational Workshop on Model-Based Architecting and Construction of Embedded Systems (ACES-MB), 2014.

We developed a new distributed architecture for the control of smart energy grids.

      Muhammad Umer Tariq, Santiago Grijalva and Marilyn Wolf, “Towards a distributed, service-oriented control infrastructure for smart grid,” in Proceedings, ICCPS ’11, 2011, ACM Press.

Last revised on September 4, 2013