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Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech Internet-of-Things, Cyber-Physical Systems, and Embedded Systems Lab

An overview of our work

The Internet-of-Things has emerged as a major new application of embedded computing and cyber-physical systems. IoT systems use sensing and actuation, distributed computation, and communications and networking to build complex systems that interact with the real world. Ultra low power, distributed signal processing, and security are key research challenges in IoT.

Cyber-physical systems combine computation and physical objects that closely interact with each other. A fundamental goal of this new field is a science of control and computation. We have used computers for control for 60 years and yet we are just now asking basic questions about the nature of the interaction between computational structures and physical objects.

We believe that working together on applications and algorithms is the best way to make progress in CPS. Real-world systems pose unconventional problems and force us to look at the world in new ways.

We are working on CPS at all levels of abstraction:

  • Small-scale, single CPU/single plant systems.
  • Networked control systems based on local area networks.
  • Global-scale cyber-physical systems that rely on distributed algorithms and cloud computing.


For more details on our research, please see the projects page.


Last revised on September 4, 2013