The Multimedia Communications Laboratory conducts research aimed at the intersection of media processing, computing and networking. In addressing this rich opportunity, we emphasize industry guidance, academic rigor and a pragmatic view for creating impact.

The MMC program is part of the school of ECE at Georgia Tech, with cross-disciplinary collaborations, particularly with the College of Computing, the Georgia Tech Research Institute, the School of Literature, Communications and Culture, and several research centers and programs across the GT campus such as the Aware Home Research Initiative, the Interactive Media Technology Center, the Graphics, Visualization and Usability Center and the Tennenbaum Institute. Multi-campus interactions are primarily with the Research Universities of the Georgia Research Alliance, the Medical College of Georgia and the Emory University. Industry connections are in the context of advanced telecommunications initiatives such as the Georgia Tech Broadband Institute and the Georgia Electronic Design Center (formerly Yamacraw) and the GCATT programs of the Georgia Research Alliance. MMC students and postdoctoral associates are also involved in specific student internships with industry partners such as Alcatel-Lucent, HP Labs, NCR , Echostar, Cox Communications, EG Technology, a Georgia Tech- ATDC company and VQLink, a Georgia Tech-VentureLab company.