Gigascale Reliable Energy Efficient Nanosystem (GREEN) Lab

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering

College of Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology




Welcome to the Gigascale Reliable Energy Efficient Nanosystem or GREEN Lab at Georgia Tech. We are located at Klaus Advanced Computing Building at School of ECE, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA. GREEN Lab was started on January 2008. The group is led by Prof. Saibal Mukhopadhyay.

Exploring reliable, energy efficient computing solutions at nanometer nodes

— from devices to circuits to systems

Contact Information

Klaus Advanced Computing Building, Room# 2356, 266 Ferst Drive, Atlanta, GA - 30332

Phone: 404-894-2688, Fax: 404.894.4641,  Email: saibal at ece dot gatech dot edu



We primarily explore circuit solutions and seek to exploit their interactions with emerging device technology, packaging (3D), architecture and algorithm.  The methodologies are applied to wide range of systems:

 ultra-low-power wireless sensor

 mobile multimedia platforms

 high-performance processors

The focus of the GREEN lab is to address the energy-efficiency and reliability challenges of digital and mixed-signal systems. The core agenda of the group is to create a holistic approach to understand and explicitly manage the interactions between power delivery, power consumption, and heat extraction to design energy-efficient  system. Currently, we are exploring methods for low-power circuits & systems, power conversion & delivery; and thermal management and cooling.

Student News

Congrats Graduates of May and August 2013

Kwanyeob Chae (PhD) Muneeb  Zia (MS) Prashant Nair (MS)


Zakir (Intel), Boris (Intel), Wen (Intel), Krishna (Intel), and Sergio (TI)

Publication News

CICC 2013—110nA bias current boost regulator  Congrats Zakir!

NANOARCH 2013—3D Image Sensor, Congrats Denny!

DAC 2013—3D power converter, Tunnel FET based Analog Circuits, and Role of power grid on Side-Channel Attack! Congrats Amit, Sergio, and Wen.

IEEE TCPMT—Thermal System Identification! Congrats Minki and Zakir

IEEE TVLSI —On-demand Cooling with TEC! Congrats Boris!

IEEE TCAS—Time-borrowing and clock stretching, Congrats Kwanyeob!

 Test-Chip News

New tape-outs:  (1) hybrid power converter, (2) single-inductor-multiple-output converter, and (3) automated TEC control. Congrats Zakir, Monodeep, and Boris