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Welcome Message from the Director, Professor Rao R. Tummala
The Georgia Tech 3D Systems Packaging Research Center is unique in three ways. It goes beyond the traditional exploratory research by faculty and graduate students to an integrated and system level approach with particular focus on: 1) leading-edge electronic and bio-electronic systems research, 2) cross-discipline education of students, and 3) industry collaborations with more than 70 companies from the U.S., Europe and Asia all in one transformative systems technology called System-On-Package, pioneered by the Center.

In research, it is pioneering System-on-Package (SOP) in contrast to system-on-a bulky board that is currently in practice and system-on-chip that seems unlikely. Such a concept began to revolutionize ultra-miniaturized consumer electronics and ultra-high performance computing systems. As these systems are explored, developed and designed with nanoscale components by Moore’s Law for Systems in the third millennium, electronic systems are expected to trend to mega-functional systems at lowest cost in smallest size. 

In education, PRC strives to educate globally-competitive and interdisciplinary individuals with knowledge not only in electrical, mechanical, thermal, materials and chemical sciences and engineering but also in theoretical, hands-on practical knowledge, business, economics and, foreign culture.

In global industry collaborations, the PRC aims to transfer both the new technologies and the educated engineers to provide a path for commercialization of SOP-based technologies.

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