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Georgia Tech Analog Consortium

GTAC History

Founded in 1989, the Georgia Tech Analog Consortium or GTAC, was created to provide a stronger relationship between Georgia Tech's School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) and the semiconductor and electronics industry. More specifically, GTAC focuses on companies interested in research and education in analog microelectronic circuits. The consortium is a proven, effective way for companies to receive direct and tangible benefits while at the same time, preparing students for successful careers in industry.

GTAC is based within ECE and consists of thirteen full-time faculty, one research and one administrative staff member. There are approximately 50 Ph.D. and 30 master's students participating in the program during any given semester. Major areas of research are the design, fabrication, testing, and application of analog integrated circuits and systems; and also CAD development and applications. The school has a very active educational program in analog circuits and systems at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

The consortium's yearly activities include semi-annual research reviews presented by faculty and students, weekly student seminars, publication of GTAC research and the GTAC annual magazine, and faculty/student visits to participating companies. Among the benefits enjoyed by industry members are direct access to GTAC students and up-to-date research, seminar speaking opportunities, and the chance to help shape some of the design engineers of the future through company mentorship.

2006 Spring Research Review

This spring, the Georgia Tech Analog Consortium will hold its bi-annual review at the Technology Square Research Building in conjunction with Georgia Electronic Design Center’s Industry Advisory Board Meeting. The Research Review will take place on April 25, 2006 with a panel discussion and a reception on April 24, 2006.

Panel speakers will include :

Chris Bowick, Chief Technology Officer at Cox Communications,

Giorgio Grasso, Chief Executive Officer at Pirelli Labs,

Hank Kafka, Chief Architect at BellSouth,

Keynote speakers will include :

Gerhard Fettweis, Chief Scientist at Philips Semiconductors,

Barry Perlman, Associate Director of Technology at CERDEC, US Army RDECOM,

The feedback from industry was favorable last Fall. They enjoyed the venue, social and technical discussions. They found the conference to be overall beneficial and seemed to appreciate the minor changes in format.

If you were unable to attend last Fall's Research Review, note your calendars now for GTAC this Spring, April 25, 2005.



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