About Us

The vast size and sometimes extreme conditions of marine environments make exploration, surveying, and construction difficult and expensive. Robotics has the potential to extend our capabilities in marine environments and advance applications important to science, industry, and defense. The Marine Robotics Technical Committee fosters research in these areas and seeks to bring this research to the forefront of the broader robotics community.

Key research topics include:

  • locomotion, actuation, and manipulation;
  • sensing, localization, and mapping;
  • communication and networking;
  • guidance, navigation, and control;
  • multi-robot coordination;
  • mission planning and control;
  • fault detection and tolerance.

How to join

There is no need to be RAS affiliated in order to be a member of the TC, just send an email one of the Chairs with your name, affiliation, contact information (email, phone, address), and, eventually, your areas of expertise.

Also join our Facebook group and Google group to connect with members and for recent updates on member activities.