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  • April 29, 2009

    Gave presentation and live demonstration to the Ga Tech Parking and Transportation department.

    Everyone in attendance was impressed, and mentioned they will work with us on the project more in the coming weeks to possibly start a trial on campus this summer.

  • April 27, 2009

    The Technique, Ga Tech's Campus Newspaper, plans to write an Article about the WaitLess system for the 1st Summer issue!!!

    In the "Annual Best and Worst of Tech" issue for 2009, the stinger bus service/notification system was picked by both the newspaper and students as the worst transportation method.

  • April 24, 2009

    Final presentation was given to Professor Keezer and several others including Edgar Jones of ECE. Everyone was very impressed!

    Our product demonstration was also successful!!!

  • April 23, 2009

    Live Demonstartion at Atlantic Dr. & 5th St. Bus Stop was Successful, in the pouring rain!!!

    Posted new videos of demonstration and student reactions at the bus stop!

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Proposed Solution

What is WaitLess?

The WaitLess system we developed tracks all the buses on the Georgia Institute of Technology Campus.

It is a standalone system that is solar powered and wireless internet driven; this allows the system to be placed at any bus stop easily with no external power or internet connection requirements.

The WaitLess system consists of a case/sign which has a custom display which lights LEDs positioned on a map of the bus routes to indicate the location of all the buses on campus.

This way an informed decision can be made, to go ahead and walk or wait for the bus.

Live Demonstration At Atlantic Dr.
& 5th St. Bus Stop

Student Reactions During Live Demonstration

Watch Some More Videos Of WaitLess In Action!

Look At Some Pictures Of The WaitLess System!

View Source Code And All Supporting Documentation!

Why is our product needed?

  • A student at the Georgia Institute of Technology often faces the dilemma of whether it will be quicker to wait for the next bus or to walk to his/her destination.
  • Currently, one way a potential passenger knows where the buses are is by using NextBus' website which requires a computer to access.
  • NextBus Tracking Website
  • A potential passenger would have to have a cellphone with an internet connection to access this website while waiting at a bus stop.
  • The only other option is to view a NextBus scrolling sign display which is only avialable at three bus stops on campus, presumably because these are the only bus stops with electricity available.
  • Both of these ways show only a text based prediction, it only lists predicted arrival times in minutes.
  • These predictions can be very inaccurate and can lead to more frustration. 96% of GA Tech students said they were dissatisfied with the current notification systems and bus service in general.