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The Project

Cartel: Cartography (mapmaking) + Intel (intelligence)

Autonomous Multi-robot Mapping System - Our project is to produce two working prototypes of an autonomous multi-robot mapping system for the U.S. Military.

Dec 14 - see our Final Report and Final Presentation

See videos and images of our final project
Robot Front
Robot Back
Robot Left
Robot Right
Robot Top
Demo video - robot
Demo video - GUI

Finally download our entire project documentation (including this site - hefty 70 MB)

Dec 6 - see our Final Project Summary
Oct 17 - see our Preliminary Design Review (ppt)
Oct 1 - see our Draft Project Summary
See our Project Proposal (PDF)

The Technology

iRobot Create robot
eBox-2300 Minipc
Ultrasonic and Infrared distance sensors
802.11b/g Wireless Communications

Technical Reviews:
Autonomous Robot Mapping (PDF)
Robotic Motion Control (PDF)
Wi-Fi Communication (PDF)
Mapping with Robots (PDF)
Range-finding Sensors (PDF)

The Team

Brandon Chong - Team Leader
David Esiobu
Jonathan King
Mark Nfodzo
Christopher Pau - Webmaster

Project Advisor: Dr. Hamblen