ECE4007 Senior Design

2013 Fall Semester

ECE 4007 A
MW 3-4pm
EE Auditorium
Project Section
Meeting Time
Project Advisor
ECE 4007 L00
MW 4:30-7:30pm
Bunger-Henry 380
ECE 4007 L01
MW 4:30-7:30pm
Bunger-Henry 311
ECE 4007 L02
TR 4:30-7:30pm
Bunger-Henry 380
ECE 4007 L03
TR 4:30-7:30pm
Bunger-Henry 311

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FAQs for students considering ECE Senior Design...

ECE Senior Design students identify and execute projects in groups under the guidance of an ECE Advisor.

You register for a lecture section (e.g. ECE4007A) and an Advisor's section (e.g. ECE4007L01). Examples of these are listed above.

You can see the available Advisors for your semester of interest by referring to the online registration tools. All of the candidate Advisors may yet to have been identified.

Your groups typically consist of 3-5 students in your section.

We would prefer that you be registered for your Advisor's section and have found that you typically can swap into any section prior to the end of registration if you keep trying.

Do not drop a ECE4007Lxx section without first acquiring a permit for your desired ECE4007Lxx section. To get the permit, find a student who will swap and both students contact referring to each other to request the permit.

Your Advisor approves the projects, group membership, and provides the bulk of your grade.

You want to choose group members so that you have all of the skills needed to execute your project.

If you choose your group members because they are your friends, you may have less friends at semester's end.

You will save yourself and your Advisor a lot of hassle if you identify and form groups early instead of forcing your Advisor to manage this.

Your Advisor probably will have candidate projects. Those presently shared by Advisors are or will be listed above with expectations of the list expanding.

Yes, you are welcome to contact candidate Advisors about candidate projects. Do not be surprised if they appear to be saturated.

You will have a much better chance of being heard by a candidate Advisor if "ECE4007" appears in your email subject line.

Yes, most Advisors want you to work on projects which you might enjoy but can be supervised reasonably by your Advisor.

Deliverables for upcoming semesters look similar to those listed here under the Deliverables link.

All ECE Senior Design groups will be participating in the Capstone Design Exposition.